Inver Grove Heights Invisalign Provider Discusses Facial Asymmetry Treatment

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Published: 31st March 2010
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Skeletal asymmetry of the jaw is one of the most visible facial malformations.

Often, the preferred treatment is orthognathic surgery, but many facial asymmetry issues in children can be corrected or vastly improved with various non-surgical orthodontic treatment methods, provided the issue is identified before the child is finished growing.

As more adults seek orthodontic treatment and facial asymmetry is identified, more inquiries are being made into treatment alternatives to orthognathic surgery, even if it means the end result is not as good as it would have been with surgery, said Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth, an Eagan and Inver Grove Heights invisalign provider.

Facial skeletal asymmetry is the absence of proportion in the facial features. It can occur naturally, as a result of poor habits, or be the result of trauma, such as a fractured jaw. Skeletal asymmetry should be corrected because it can effect jaw movement, create abnormal wear patterns on the teeth and inhibit a person's ability to chew properly, said Eisenhuth, who treats Inver Grove Heights orthodontics patients, as well as those from throughout the Twin Cities area.

Facial asymmetry in children can result from many things, including thumb-sucking, cross bites, mouth-breathing, tongue-thrust swallow patterns and cleft palate, Eisenhuth said. In those cases, if caught early enough, Eisenhuth can correct the foundation of the asymmetry and hope the remaining facial structures will follow suit during upcoming growth.

The fact that children have not finished growing works to the advantage of non-surgical treatment. Alterations can be made as the child's bones continue to grow and further develop.

"Ideally, facial asymmetry is identified and corrected when the patient is young- in the neighborhood of eight to nine years old," said the Eagan and Inver Grove Heights braces expert. "Correction can be successful if the patient is a bit older- eleven to thirteen years old- but is less likely to be fully corrected. The result will be improved, but compromised from ideal."

Once a person with facial asymmetry reaches adulthood and growth stops, correcting the malocclusion can be difficult without surgical intervention.

"But it's not impossible, if the patient is willing to accept results that are improved, yet not ideal," said Eisenhuth, an Eagan and Inver Grove Heights Invisalign provider.

When Eisenhuth treats adults with facial asymmetry, she first evaluates to determine whether the asymmetry is the result of skeletal or dental causes before a treatment strategy can be planned.

For adults who refuse orthognathic treatment, camouflaging the asymmetry through orthodontic mechanics can be a viable alternative, she said. In select cases, Eisenhuth uses mini-implants to help reposition the teeth and achieve more uniform alignment, which can improve and sometimes correct the asymmetry.

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About Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth

Dr. Eisenhuth attended the University of Minnesota Dental School and graduated in the top of her class. She earned the Minnesota Association of Orthodontic Achievement Award and several academic achievement awards. She entered her orthodontic residency at the University of Minnesota and earned a certificate in orthodontics and a Master of Science degree.

Dr. Eisenhuth is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics.

She takes pride in caring for the orthodontic needs of residents in the Twin Cities- St. Paul and Minneapolis, and their surrounding regions, including St. Paul, Inver Grove Heights, Burnsville, Eagan and Eagan, Minnesota.

Her office is located at 3340 Sherman Court, Eagan, Minn., 55121.

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